How to have a
Strong, Confident

Your pregnancy is too beautiful to experience feeling

Carry with confidence using our
CaleyFit Pre & Post Natal Workout Programs

Claim back your
workouts & body

Get back into or get started with exercise & feel confident well doing so, knowing that you are following a program designed to safely coincide with your gestational period.

Give your baby the healthy start
they deserve

Exercise has proven to increase the blood flow & size of your placenta, increasing the nutrients available to your baby. Combined with healthy eating practices you put your body in the best possible place for a healthy baby.

Be physically prepared
for birth

Get your body in the best condition possible to support your birthing experience and what’s to come thereafter. Strengthen that kegel, work that pelvic floor & prepare your back & spine to support you throughout.

Not just another
workout program.

We care about
YOU, and your

We’ve helped over 200+ moms on their journey.

I’ve spent over 10 years training pre&post natal moms live in studio group classes.

Our team consists of certified health & fitness professionals, who have specialized in pre & post natal exercise, rehab & nutritionText

CaleyFit Pre & Post Natal Program

Feel Comfortable & Confident Pre or Post Pregnancy with the

What's included to help you experience this:

  1. Introduction Guide
  1. A 17 Page Introduction Guide, covering all you need to know through pregnancy journey with this program
  1. Nutrition Guide
  1. A 10-Page Guide, to help you understand the basic ins & outs of pregnancy nutrition, and feel empowered for what to expect and how you can aid in your babies growth.
  1. A Comprehensive Training Program
  1. A 3-day split workout program following your Pregnancy / Post Pregnancy Journey Week by Week (5 to 12months worth). Including Pelvic Floor preparation & rehab work.
  1. Pregnancy Body Changes
    Modification Guide
  1. Covering Contraindications, Safety Tips, Warning Signs, Common Occurrences while training when pregnant - how they show up, and tips to manage them.

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  1. Peace of Mind: It's overwhelming not knowing what's "safe" with exercise & food while pregnant. We alleviate the guess work, by verifying all the guidelines we provide with medical professionals.

​Health: While many elements of our health are out of control, you can rest assured knowing you took pro-active steps to do what you could to have a healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Stay Mobile: Maintain functional movement throughout all your trimesters, safely.

​Food Confidence When Pregnant: Get the in's & out's of what's in the safe zone when pregnant & breast-feeding.

Movement Safety: With all the changes that are taking / have taken place in your body, it's important to be aware of how your training should adapt around this.

Manage Mental Health: It can be a mental battle going through all the changes/emotions that you might experience, the program will help you work through those with fellow-member support & mindful guided meditations.

​Educational Resources: Access to our favourite resources for expecting mothers regarding training, eating & exclusive interviews with medical specialists.

Personal Touch: For mothers that are expecting their 1st, I'll share more about my own experience and journey and what you can expect.

CaleyFit App Experience

Download our App & enjoy the intimate experience with a dashboard personalised to your training plan, and habits as well as access to group chat and direct text for support.

Workout video library of 150+ exercises (and adding regularly) to easily substitute or add exercises.

Track all your workout scores & make notes about how you feel & what you'll do differently next time.

Track your body metrics, habits, workout streaks & completion of goal

Access group chats & private communities

Store progress photos & body measurements to see how you grow on the journey

      • Sync or integrate the app for more data collection with:
        - MyFitnessPal
        - Apple Health
      • - Apple Watch
      • - Fitbit
        - Withings
  1. Weekly Livestream / Pre-recorded CaleyFit Flow Class:
    Each week, I'll do a live or pre-recorded class that you can follow along to in our app.
  3. Support Group:
    You'll have access to a membership only group, where you can share more about your own journeys with one another, keep each other accountable and pass on information that may add value
  5. Weekly Q&A:
    If you have any questions that aren't covered in the up-front programs / guides / resources shared, we'll host a weekly Q&A opportunity to work through those and help work through any doubts / concerns that may be bothering you.

How it Works:

  1. Step 1
  1. Weeks 5 - 27
    Weeks 28 - 40 & 7 - 14 (After birth)
  1. Purchase your
  1. So we can add you onto
    the system and assign you
    the program
  1. Step 2
  1. Download & Install
    The App

Then you can access your program
and support.

  1. Step 3
  1. Login and check

Here you will communicate your gestational period and we will personalize the in-app program to you. You’ll also receive all your guide’s through the chat.

Your Options:

We'll meet you where you are at in the journey!


    Intro guide - $9.99
  2. ​Comprehensive Training Program for 12 months - $348 ($29.99/month)
  3. ​Nutrition Guide - $19.99
  4. ​Pregnancy Body Changes Modification Guide - $19.99
  5. Access to the CaleyFIt App & all it's features - $119 ($9.99/month)
  6. Access to Weekly CaleyFit Flow's - $144 (48 classes @ $3/class)
  7. ​Support Group & Consistent Question Support throughout the program - $59.88 (4.99/month)

  1. Weeks 5 - 27
    Weeks 28 - 40 & 7 - 14 (After birth)
  1. $96

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  1. Weeks 5 - 27
  1. TRIMESTER 1 & 2
  1. $69
  1. Weeks 28 - 40 & 7 - 14 (After birth)
  1. TRIMESTER 3 & 4
  1. $69

Benefits of Working Out While Pregnant

My Pregnancy Experience, Struggle & Rise

Even after 8 years in the health & fitness industry working with pre & post natal mommies, I could only relate to the feelings, emotions and limitations of exercise after having gone through my own first pregnancy.

Get Our Free Pregnancy Workout Modification Video

If you're not ready to commit, here's a free gift for you. You'll get access to our Pregnancy Modification Video Guide, helping you navigate the most common bodyweight exercises during your pregnancy safely. We also give you access to a free 7-day plan.

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What existing clients have to say

"I like that I can track my progress on the same workouts week to week! Overall everything's been great - thank you!"

Vanessa Moyen

“Really good - enjoy having my workouts planned for the week and there are lots of substitutes available for exercises I can’t do due to lack of equipment etc. Caley was really responsive and helpful when I had questions about a particular workout which was great.”

Abi Kelly

"It's really nice. Beside the workouts you can write up everything what is important
(food, blood pressure, sleeping details etc.) The team is really helpful and nice."

Dorottya Freizberger-Varga

“On a recent survey, our average rating for the
overall experience of the product, service & app was 9/10”

If you’re unhappy in the first 30 days of your purchase, let us know & we’ll refund your purchase.


Which Package Should I Choose?

  1. This is entirely up to you, and typically will depend most on where you are at in your pregnancy. If you only coming across the program in your 3rd trimester, we wanted to give you an option of not needing to pay for the 1st & 2nd one too. The movement modifications are also most important to consider from T3 onwards.

What Can I Expect in the Workout Program?

  1. The program consists 3 set workouts per week focusing on upper, lower & full body workouts. They typically follow a set structure with a warm up, strength component & more aerobic piece as well as stretches. Each workout will take between 30-40min to complete if followed correctly. In addition to this, you will also receive Bonus CaleyFit Recovery Flow weekly.

How does it all work? Will I have access to the CaleyFit App?

  1. The daily workout program, your dashboard, the PDF documents (Nutrition Guide, Introduction Guide, Pregnancy Body Changes Modification Guide), all the workout videos, group chats & habits/daily reminders will be managed through the app. You will have access to the app and the weekly CaleyFit Flows that are shared during the entire duration of your product.

What Equipment Will I Need?

  1. We make use of the following equipment throughout the program. The most important items are:

    - A Medium set of Dumbbells / Kettlebells (eg. 6-8kgs)
    - Gym Ball (large & firm, only necessary in T3 & T4)Additional equipment that you will see come-up, but that you don't require (as we have alternatives) include:- Resistance Bands- A Step / Box - Pull Up Bar / Rings / TRX / Table strong enough to pull your BW (resistance bands can also get the job done)- A Mat / Towel

Is the payment once-off or a subscription to the CaleyFit App?

  1. The purchase is a once-payment for the program and will last for the duration of the product you selected. Ie - only for two trimesters or for all 4.

Do I need access to a gym?

  1. All the workouts are designed to be able to complete from home or in a gym, you will however need weights & gym ball to get the most out of the program. See the "What Equipment Will I Need" question.

Is there pelvic floor preparation / rehabilitation in the program?

  1. Absolutely! There is pelvic floor preparation that’s integrated into our 3rd trimester programming, and pelvic floor rehabilitation is integrated in our 4th trimester (post-natal) programs. You’ll typically see these pop up as accessory work at the end of the workout session.

Got an unanswered question? Ask us!

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